who is IPA?

International Partnering Associates (IPA) is a cooperative association. It is therefore not an agency with its own personnel. Rather, IPA associates find themselves in various industries and a variety of ministries worldwide. What they have in common though is there passion to promote partnering! Some work on a daily basis mobilising missionaries, teachers, doctors and various frontline workers, impacting local communities through effective partnerships. Others consult organisations internationally on how to increase and optimise their current partnerships. Some IPA associates are regularly asked to provide training for organisations on how to better prepare for and sustain effective partnerships and other act as facilitators for partnerships.

Today, through 50 globally based Regional Partnering Associates, we serve over 450 mission entities and organizations around the world.

IPA currently is represented in the following regions: Southeast Asia Islands, Southeast Asia Mainland, South Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa, Central Asia, South Central Asia, East Asia, North America and South America.

IPAs are therefore not a specific type of individual, but rather those who have the natural DNA to advocate for encourage partnering wherever they have their sphere of influence.

Amongst others, members are involved in regional and trans-regional mission initiatives such as Ethné, Africa AIDS initiative, Refugee Highway, COMIBAM and MANI. Members have also consulted at World Evangelical Alliance Mission Commission (WEA-MC) and presented at the Lausanne Conference for World Evangelism.

Some associates are however involved in several partnerships where security is a major concern, and are prudent in sharing information. Since they do not represent only themselves but those with whom they work, they are committed to being careful to guard sensitive information. As a result, we cannot give many details here. We are, nevertheless, willing to provide more information for those who ask privately, once we are satisfied of the purpose and commitment to confidentiality of inquirers.