Training and Facilitation

PA associates does not “work” for IPA but rather serve wherever they are in their regions. Often, associates have been invited for various reasons:

 -to facilitate partnerships,

- train individuals

- consult organizations on their partnering endeavors

- or give talks by invitation amongst other things.



The full “Experiencing Partnering Workshop” usually spans over 5 days and looks at the following:

- The core partnering principles

- The key components of the process of partnering

- A study of how God’s  Word  clearly  outlines  the  manner  in  which  we  must  work together

- Finally you will learn about the building blocks of an effective partnership, as well as how to manage conflict when it arises.


These and other tools will be a practical guide to build such partnerships. It is case study based and interactive. This is definitely the most ideal length of training as it is a thorough and in-depth look at partnering.


Shorter training opportunities (shorter than 5 days) would be possible on request. The content will be adapted to cater for the specific need of the organisation being trained.


Training is presented by various IPA associates from diverse backgrounds and individuals are located globally. They have extensive knowledge and experience in helping and facilitating organisations to partner globally.




Some of our associates are also experienced facilitators of prospective and established partnerships. Contact us if you need the guidance of one of our associates to assist your organisation in navigating the choppy waters of the partnering.